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Slowing Down

There always seems to be time for anger, hate and rudeness. There always seems to be time for aggression and fear. Why is this? Is it we are so self absorbed we stop having compassion for our fellow man?  I

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Giving Up Judgment

I would say one of the most difficult obstacles to peace and contentment is judgment. It is human nature to see someone or something and instantly judge. We all do it. When we meet someone we make assumptions on how

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Compassion on Your Plate

The human population on the planet is growing exponentially every day, making it more imperative we show as much compassion for our fellow man as we can. One of the largest areas we can show compassion is in our diet.

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Mission Statement

Life Crush will be a resource for those who want to live a better life. Your health on every level is what this blog will focus on. This will include improving on the seven strengths that every healthy life is

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