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Not So Happy…

This is a guest post from my husband Glenn. I hope you enjoy 🙂   In regards to self help and motivational tools, I’ll say this….most of it is all bull and is oversimplified by books, speeches and worst of

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We all have crossroads we come to in life. My crossroad right now is with my career. I am currently very unhappy in my job. I want more than everything to be a stay at home mom, but financially it

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Family Ties

Staying home with my son has become a priority for me. Ever since having my son, I have felt sadness and guilt at leaving him making it difficult for me to do my job. I am going to go on

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Career Mind

I am a records clerk. It’s a job that pays the bills and has good benefits. My whole life I have always seen work as a paycheck… something I do most of the time, so I can enjoy some of

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