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Limitless Opportunities

As children we see the world as boundless and full of opportunities. Every day is filled with new adventures and discoveries. When do we lose this? When do we stop seeing life as promising and fall into mediocrity? For that

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Looking Through the Magnifying Glass

I woke up this morning and checked my email and facebook like usual. I came across a post by my cousin which made me realize how finite life is. Another one of my cousins, her brother, committed suicide last night.

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  I have noticed a disturbing trend lately. It seems like Americans have gotten into the habit of blaming someone else for all their problems. I see it all around me, people blaming fast food restaurants for being fat or

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Life Lessons Learned

“What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better.” – Bruce Lee Bodybuilding, like so many sports, takes time and training to become great. You are not going to decide today you want to be

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Compassion on Your Plate

The human population on the planet is growing exponentially every day, making it more imperative we show as much compassion for our fellow man as we can. One of the largest areas we can show compassion is in our diet.

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