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It’s a Wonderful World…Isn’t It?

My son and I have been sick this week so it’s been pretty hard to be positive and upbeat. Not only that, stress from work has piled on. But then this morning while listening to Pandora, Louie Armstrong’s It’s a Wonderful

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Slowing Down

There always seems to be time for anger, hate and rudeness. There always seems to be time for aggression and fear. Why is this? Is it we are so self absorbed we stop having compassion for our fellow man?  I

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Not So Happy…

This is a guest post from my husband Glenn. I hope you enjoy 🙂   In regards to self help and motivational tools, I’ll say this….most of it is all bull and is oversimplified by books, speeches and worst of

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We all have crossroads we come to in life. My crossroad right now is with my career. I am currently very unhappy in my job. I want more than everything to be a stay at home mom, but financially it

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Giving Up Judgment

I would say one of the most difficult obstacles to peace and contentment is judgment. It is human nature to see someone or something and instantly judge. We all do it. When we meet someone we make assumptions on how

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Leaving the Past Behind

We all have moments in our past we are not proud of; a divorce, a failed business, a missed opportunity. How we treat those moments is a different matter. You can either live in the past and allow it to

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I was so moved by the following TED talk I just had to share. Jack Andraka pushed past difficulties and rejection and was able to create a simple and cost efficient way to diagnose pancreatic, lung and ovarian cancers. Oh

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