Not So Happy…

This is a guest post from my husband Glenn. I hope you enjoy 🙂


In regards to self help and motivational tools, I’ll say this….most of it is all bull and is oversimplified by books, speeches and worst of all, posters (like the one with the sailboat that says teamwork). So what is Life Crush then? Well, more to the point it is what you need to change and become who you want to be and what you want to become. Your life is yours so why shouldn’t you love it and everything in it.

This is difficult for me to say because I am not where I want to be and don’t love every aspect of my life. I graduated college and have yet to find a job with better pay. I work as a security guard to pay off my debt which is mostly my student loans and a used car I was forced to purchase due to an accident I was in back in February. I’m pissed because I know I’m smarter and better than the sum of my parts; being 42 I’m also scared that I will never find my niche and truly discover what I am to become. But I am learning to put that aside and move ahead anyway; meaning that I am going to try a variety of smaller steps to reshape myself physically, mentally and spiritually….a Zen like approach which too is Life Crush.

So the grand experiment is me and what steps I can take to simplify my life and better myself. More on that in a future work but for now I’m getting organized, paying my debt and not spending on inane objects just meant to gratify myself. That takes discipline…one of my biggest challenges and yours too, probably. If you like this work I plan to go more in depth on what has been and what has not been working for me. The crush is for life and we don’t know how long that will be so every day must be lived to its full potential. More to come….


Just trying to live a healthy life full of compassion and joy.

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