We all have crossroads we come to in life. My crossroad right now is with my career. I am currently very unhappy in my job. I want more than everything to be a stay at home mom, but financially it is not feasible.

So now I am faced with staying in a job that I don’t want to be in for the next two years so I can pay down my debt and get to a place where we can afford for me to stay home, or I can look for another job in which I would only be staying at for a couple of years at the most. I would have to be honest with any potential employers that my goal is to be a stay at home mom and this may mean I will only be able to stay in their employ for a limited time, unless a work from home option is available.

The work from home option is becoming more and more popular where I live as corporations and small businesses are seeing the benefit of not having to pay for the square footage a traditional nine to five employee needs. This can save businesses a lot of money annually in overhead.

A third option and the one I am leaning towards is focusing on getting my own business ventures going so I can eventually stay at home and still earn an income by working for myself. Believe me, that is not an easy path to follow. Raising my son and running a business from home will be 90+ hour a week proposition.

My feelings are that any amount of work is worth the ability to raise my son full time and be there for him. I found my true purpose and it is to be the best mother and wife I can be.  


Just trying to live a healthy life full of compassion and joy.

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4 comments on “Crossroads
  1. bookofmohs says:

    I know that feels good luck

  2. I hope you can that awesomeness of being a stay-at-home mom soon. I sell on eBay some in order to generate a little more income. It isn’t much, but it makes me feel like I am contributing to the finances some. Best of luck!!

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