Leaving the Past Behind

We all have moments in our past we are not proud of; a divorce, a failed business, a missed opportunity. How we treat those moments is a different matter. You can either live in the past and allow it to cause you to live a life full of regrets, or you can learn the lesson the universe wanted to teach you and leave your past where it belongs, behind you.

I was once asked by a therapist what I regretted from my past. She was surprised when I said absolutely nothing. Her astonished look told me she did not believe me. I explained to her that every moment of my past was exactly what I needed at the time. Every moment created the unique individual I am today and if I love myself and my life today, then I needed to love my past, both the good and the bad.

Learn to accept and eventually love your past. You are an amazing person who has something important to do on this planet. Your past molded and shaped you into what the universe needs you to be. The truth is, you can’t change the past. Dwelling on it and wishing for something different will only cause you heartache and waste what little time we are given in this life.

Use your energy more productively and live your life in the present and with purpose. That’s the only path to happiness and success.


Just trying to live a healthy life full of compassion and joy. www.lifecrush.org

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