It’s a Wonderful World…Isn’t It?

My son and I have been sick this week so it’s been pretty hard to be positive and upbeat. Not only that, stress from work has piled on. But then this morning while listening to Pandora, Louie Armstrong’s It’s a Wonderful World played. 

I’ve heard the song probably thousands of times over my life but this morning it really struck a cord. The universe was telling me it’s all how you view things. If you see problems you will have problems. If you see the positive you will get positive. 

It’s hard to see the silver lining with being ill and having stress at work, but I know that these trials may just be the beginnings of opportunity, however hard it may be to believe. 

It’s all in your perception.

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Slowing Down

There always seems to be time for anger, hate and rudeness. There always seems to be time for aggression and fear. Why is this? Is it we are so self absorbed we stop having compassion for our fellow man?

 I think most people don’t want to live in those dark places I mentioned above, but we all seem to get caught up in the minutia of our lives and we feel like we have to rush about all the time. We feel like it would take too much time to care.

The universe only gives you what it thinks you want. If you focus your energy on the negatives in your life, you will get more negative. Focus on the positive and the universe will give you more positive.

It’s time to slow down and smell the proverbial roses. It’s time to remember to care.


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Not So Happy…

This is a guest post from my husband Glenn. I hope you enjoy 🙂


In regards to self help and motivational tools, I’ll say this….most of it is all bull and is oversimplified by books, speeches and worst of all, posters (like the one with the sailboat that says teamwork). So what is Life Crush then? Well, more to the point it is what you need to change and become who you want to be and what you want to become. Your life is yours so why shouldn’t you love it and everything in it.

This is difficult for me to say because I am not where I want to be and don’t love every aspect of my life. I graduated college and have yet to find a job with better pay. I work as a security guard to pay off my debt which is mostly my student loans and a used car I was forced to purchase due to an accident I was in back in February. I’m pissed because I know I’m smarter and better than the sum of my parts; being 42 I’m also scared that I will never find my niche and truly discover what I am to become. But I am learning to put that aside and move ahead anyway; meaning that I am going to try a variety of smaller steps to reshape myself physically, mentally and spiritually….a Zen like approach which too is Life Crush.

So the grand experiment is me and what steps I can take to simplify my life and better myself. More on that in a future work but for now I’m getting organized, paying my debt and not spending on inane objects just meant to gratify myself. That takes discipline…one of my biggest challenges and yours too, probably. If you like this work I plan to go more in depth on what has been and what has not been working for me. The crush is for life and we don’t know how long that will be so every day must be lived to its full potential. More to come….

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We all have crossroads we come to in life. My crossroad right now is with my career. I am currently very unhappy in my job. I want more than everything to be a stay at home mom, but financially it is not feasible.

So now I am faced with staying in a job that I don’t want to be in for the next two years so I can pay down my debt and get to a place where we can afford for me to stay home, or I can look for another job in which I would only be staying at for a couple of years at the most. I would have to be honest with any potential employers that my goal is to be a stay at home mom and this may mean I will only be able to stay in their employ for a limited time, unless a work from home option is available.

The work from home option is becoming more and more popular where I live as corporations and small businesses are seeing the benefit of not having to pay for the square footage a traditional nine to five employee needs. This can save businesses a lot of money annually in overhead.

A third option and the one I am leaning towards is focusing on getting my own business ventures going so I can eventually stay at home and still earn an income by working for myself. Believe me, that is not an easy path to follow. Raising my son and running a business from home will be 90+ hour a week proposition.

My feelings are that any amount of work is worth the ability to raise my son full time and be there for him. I found my true purpose and it is to be the best mother and wife I can be.  

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Giving Up Judgment

I would say one of the most difficult obstacles to peace and contentment is judgment. It is human nature to see someone or something and instantly judge. We all do it. When we meet someone we make assumptions on how much they make, what kind of person they are, and even if we like them or not. Some of this is instinct. We are following the instincts ingrained in us from our distant past when how accurately we judged a stranger or situation could mean life or death.

Many spiritualists believe to attain enlightenment we need to give up judgment.  This can seem almost impossible, almost against your nature. Thoughts jump unbidden in our minds even when we see a perfect stranger walking down the street. if their clothing is dirty and torn we assume “They must be homeless or a drug addict.” If they are wearing workout clothes “They must be out getting exercise,” is naturally what we guess. Of course we could be completely wrong when we use outside appearance alone to judge someone.

What’s even more difficult is not judging people we are close to on their actions. We all have our opinions and when our friends or loved ones tell us something we don’t support or agree with we naturally want to give our opinions, no matter if they will be headed or not. And when these same friends go against our opinion and it fails, it is also hard not to think, “I told you so.”

Does this mean we all need to turn into saints and give up all judgments to be happy? I am not sure there are very many people in this world capable of that level of perfection. What I am saying is taking a step back and realizing every person on this planet is following their own path may create more peace in your life. If someone you love follows a path you feel may cause them pain, realize this may be the universe’s plan for them. Difficulties shape our character and without any hardships a person’s character would suffer.

I would not beat yourself up if you find yourself making judgments; just allow your judging thoughts to drift away like a spider web in a summer breeze. Don’t hold onto them and allow them to shape your beliefs and actions. Don’t treat the person in shabby clothing any differently than the person in workout clothes. Both are souls with as much right to exist in this universe as you and I. Every creature deserves compassion.

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Leaving the Past Behind

We all have moments in our past we are not proud of; a divorce, a failed business, a missed opportunity. How we treat those moments is a different matter. You can either live in the past and allow it to cause you to live a life full of regrets, or you can learn the lesson the universe wanted to teach you and leave your past where it belongs, behind you.

I was once asked by a therapist what I regretted from my past. She was surprised when I said absolutely nothing. Her astonished look told me she did not believe me. I explained to her that every moment of my past was exactly what I needed at the time. Every moment created the unique individual I am today and if I love myself and my life today, then I needed to love my past, both the good and the bad.

Learn to accept and eventually love your past. You are an amazing person who has something important to do on this planet. Your past molded and shaped you into what the universe needs you to be. The truth is, you can’t change the past. Dwelling on it and wishing for something different will only cause you heartache and waste what little time we are given in this life.

Use your energy more productively and live your life in the present and with purpose. That’s the only path to happiness and success.

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I was so moved by the following TED talk I just had to share. Jack Andraka pushed past difficulties and rejection and was able to create a simple and cost efficient way to diagnose pancreatic, lung and ovarian cancers. Oh and by the way, he was only 15 years old when he did this. Amazing what  a boy who would not accept “no” could discover. Completely inspirational!

Jack Andraka: A Promising Test for Pancreatic Cancer


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